Comics // Weekly Pull List // 04/11/15

New comics! Plenty of issue one’s this week (not sure that’s always a good thing though!)

Doctor Strange #2 – Issue one has the visual flair and complexity that you would expect from Chris Bachalo and the premise of Strange as a kind of mystical James Bond is a compelling one, but it wasn’t without it’s faults. Issue two should be a chance to see how this book functions

Joe Golem Occult Detective #1 – Mike Mignola has delivered some amazing work in the space between pulp action and supernatural horror and this book looks like it will be another one to add to the list. Just the setting, a flooded mid-20th century New York, is compelling enough, and the source novel (with collaborator Christopher Golden) is said to be excellent too.

Monstress #1 – I’ve been excited about this book since it was announced earlier this year. The creative team, writer Marjorie Liu and artist Sana Takeda, did some solid work on X-23, but it is really the inspired concept and setting that makes me eager to read this: the story of a young warrior woman in a post apocalyptic world plagued with giant monstrous creatures.

Paper Girls #2 – This is a great concept and a well put together book, I’m interested to see how Brian K. Vaughan takes things forward (even if I can’t believe issue 2 is out already!)

Uncanny X-Men #600 – So this is it, Brian Michael Bendis’ X-Men run finally comes to a belated end. It’s no secret that I’ve found this run to be full of meandering, uninspired nonsense and some loopy characterisation at the best of times so I’m not sorry to see it finish. Previews have confirmed that the awful ‘young X-Men in modern times’ story is sadly not coming to an end, but hopefully some of Bendis’ other storylines get appropriate closure (rebel leader Scott for example).

Extraordinary X-Men #1 – I am trying to keep an open mind with this book; Lemire and Ramos are perfectly good creators and the line-up could be interesting. Alas, Marvel editorial’s insistence that mutants be sidelined in favour of the inferior Inhumans continues to rankle me, and this book seems explicitly designed to tell the story of why there will soon be no more X-Men stories.


Comics // Weekly Pull List // 07/10/15

This is a quiet week for me with only a few comics on my pull list, with a couple of newly launched series in the mix:

Weekly Pull List 07.10.15

Doctor Strange #1 – I’ve been looking forward to this book since it was announced a few months ago; Chris Bachalo is one of my favourite artists and the last time I was picking up a Doc Strange book it was Brian K. Vaughan’s The Oath and that was an amazing mini. I’ve not always gotten on with Jason Aaron’s writing, but his vision for the character, a fun mystical adventurer type, sounds interesting and Bachalo will get me to buy literally anything

Old Man Logan #5 – The original Old Man Logan story was a fun (if dark) jaunt in a possible future and whilst it has been great to revisit that setting with this series I’m actually quite glad that the story has turned more on Old Man Logan’s journey to uncovering the mysteries of Secret Wars and making his way into the current timeline. This is definitely one of the stronger event tie in books.

Paper Girls #1 – This looks like an interesting book, pitched as Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds, and Brian K. Vaughan is obviously a trusted hand in the writing department. Cliff Chiang’s art looks great too and early buzz is that this will be a very special book.

Secret Wars #6 – There has been quite a delay waiting for this issue which finally comes out just as the post event Marvel line is getting started. Publication date issues aside the central narrative has been strong so far and the story is compelling, the fact that we’re entering the final stretch makes it even more exciting.