Comics // Weekly Pull List // 11/11/2015

Here we are again, new comics! It’s a quiet-ish week though with a few books that I possibly/maybe/might pick up.

Captain America: White #4 – So I will definitely be buying this book because it features more lovely Tim Sale artwork, but I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by the series as a whole. Whether it is the result of being on the shelf gathering dust for a few years, or that it so closely resembles other books in the Loeb/Sale Marvel Spectrum series isn’t clear, but for whatever reason I’m just not that excited by anything in this mini-series.

Captain America White #4 Cover

Descender #7 – I’m excited to see this book is back after a brief hiatus. This year has seen plenty of new indie sci-fi books, most of them very good, yet this is probably one of the best (alongside Bitch Planet). It’s an interesting universe, beautifully drawn, and compellingly written.

Descender #7 Cover

Secret Wars #7 – The event to end all events (at least for another year) continues it’s late running story. It really has been a terrific book so far and I’ve no doubt it will be equally strong as we go into the final 3 issues.

Secret Wars #7 Cover

Spider-Gwen #2 – This remains a solid book even if the magic from it’s first few issues seems to have dissipated a little (I’m not sure why that is, maybe because the narrative doesn’t seem to be moving forward very much?)

Spider-Gwen #2 Cover

Thought Bubble 2015 AnthologyThought Bubble is one of the UK’s best sequential art festivals/cons (that I will be attending again this year) and their annual comic book always offers a great selection of artists and writers. Besides the awesome Babs Tarr cover this has a Tim Sale short (as did last years) so I am all in! Also the profits from the book go to charity so what’s not to love!

Thought Bubble Anthology 2015 Cover


All-New Wolverine #1 – I want this book to be good; I’m a fan of X-23 and it would be cool to have an exciting new Wolverine on the block. Unfortunately the brief preview that I have seen is chock full of stupidness and bland writing. I’m a sucker for mutant-led books though so it’s a maybe!

All- New Wolverine #1 Cover

DC Bombshells #4 – Marguerite Bennett’s writing is really strong on this book, but some of the art doesn’t sit well with me (purely on grounds of personal taste). When Marguerite Sauvage is drawing it, it is a really great book, but the rest of the time it doesn’t work for me, and this issue looks like it is sans-Sauvage so I probably won’t pick it up.

DC Bombshells #4 Cover

Diesel #3 – I love Tyson Hesse’s art on this book, but the writing is super choppy. The main character is really quite annoying and there isn’t a strong enough narrative core pulling all of the characters/happenings together for it to be compelling. This one will depend on mood – the art could pull me in, but it might not.

Diesel #3 Cover


Comics // Pull List // August Comics

The month may already have begun and some great books have already hit the shelves, but there’s still plenty more to come over the next few weeks. Here’s a few of the books I’ll be picking up:

Black Canary #3 / Brendan Fletcher, Annie Wu

The latest corner of the DC universe to be brilliantly re-invented is the touring band Black Canary featuring the former Canary herself Dinah Lance. There is a wild abandon to this book that takes in locales familiar and unfamiliar as it positions itself as the rebellious older sibling to the Batgirl book. Annie Wu’s art is perfectly suited to the book and helps to drive this exciting and unpredictable adventure.

Black Canary #3 Cover Extract

Descender #6 / Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen

Jeff Lemire has taken the touching tale of ‘young’ android Tim-21 (and a little inconvenience like the end of the world) and built it into an exciting science fiction epic with an interesting ensemble cast. The wonderful art from Nguyen is equally responsible for the brilliance of this book with every page offering stunning visuals.

Descender #6 Cover Extract

Gotham Academy #9 / Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher, Karl Kerschl

Harry Potter meets Batman may have been the interesting initial premise of this book, but compelling characters, fun mysteries, and sharp plotting have turned it into the must-read it has become. With Kerschl back on regular art the world is right again; everyone should be reading this book!

Gotham Academy #9 Cover Extract

Master of Kung Fu #4 / Haden Blackman, Dalibor Talajic

I didn’t expect much of this book before reading it, but I should have known better as Blackman is one of the best martial arts writers out there (if that’s a particular thing!) Blackman’s work on Elektra was top notch and this book again proves that he can craft interesting worlds with a rich martial tradition. The reworking of classic kung fu cinema tropes into this fantasy realm have only served to make it even better and it will be a shame to see this mini-series end.

Master of Kung Fu #4 Cover Extract

Secret Wars #5 / Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic

Unexpectedly the many tie in books for this summer event have been of a very high quality, but perhaps the biggest surprise of Secret Wars is the main book itself. Hickman has been putting together a long form Avengers tale over the last few years that has led to this climatic, satisfying event (something that Marvel have failed to do effectively for the last couple summer crossovers). There is plenty of great plot-work in this book, but now Doom has finally taken the stage personally and things will only get more exciting from here.

Secret Wars #5 Cover Extract

Media // Other Stuff This Week #150410

Finding time to put together full write-ups of all the great books out there each week can be tough, so this quick run through will hopefully provide some pithy (and in some cases spoilerish) thoughts on some of the stuff that I wasn’t able to spend more time on recently

Ant-Man #4 – Has the lustre fallen from this book already? I’m not sure – the jokes aren’t coming quite so quickly at this point, but that may just be because we’ve gotten to the meat of the plot. Putting Cassie in danger isn’t the newest trick, but I appreciate that an effort has been made to tie this story into Lang-family history. I have no familiarity with Darren Cross or his son though and this story hasn’t really done much to make me impressed with them as villains.

Daredevil (TV) #1.1-#1.6 – The first of the Netflix Marvel shows finally dropped this week and although I intended to take it slow I ended up mainlining the first six episodes immediately. This show is brutal and dark, and whilst that is never a necessarily good thing it works very well here. Following the tone and balance between lawyer/vigilante action of the great Maleev/Bendis run this show is built around the escalating gangland crimes of the MCU’s Hell’s Kitchen and it takes an uncompromising look at this violent world. The direction is great, the acting and dialogue on point, the plot smart, the production design and lighting slick and professional, and the action choreography is simply brilliant. This show is like the anti-Agent’s of Shield.

Descender #2 – Jeff Lemire is telling a brilliant little story in this book and this issue’s focus on the lost robot boy Tim-21 makes everything that much more personal. Tim’s backstory is touching and his current predicament a tense one so the issue made for an excellent read. I was a little surprised by the sudden arrival at the end of the book (it felt like that could have been foreshadowed a little more), but I’m definitely looking forward to the next instalment.

iZombie (TV) #1.4 – This may have been my favourite episode of the show so far as things start to come together a little more. Ravi was brilliant in this story and he integration of him deeper into Liv’s world by moving in with Major is  a great move. It is also good to see the escalation of Blaine’s plot and a better picture of how it may form the backdrop to the rest of the season. Side note; I didn’t even know Aly Michalka’s character’s name until now, it feels like they must have mentioned it really quickly in the pilot and then never again (or I just zoned out for some reason).

Nameless #3 – This book has really moved far beyond its Earth-bound roots. Grant Morrison has crafted a hellish universe of scifi cthulhu madness and the descent into the apocalypse is truly a sight to see. There are a lot of questions about what exactly is going on here, but the whole thing is put together in such an unusual and interesting way that it is a genuinely compelling read. Great visuals like a shattered visor framing the panels on a page add a lot to this book and I’m really growing to appreciate Burnham’s art.

Southern Cross #2 – I’m not entirely sure where I stand on this one; the set up so far has been solid, and the plot suitably intriguing, but the pacing doesn’t quite sit right with me. Braith goes on a restless tour of seemingly the entire ship this issue looking for her bunkmate during which she apparently encounters every other shady character. Everyone seems suspicious, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to suspect them of – are they involved in Alex Braith’s death or this new disappearance or something else entirely? In any case I feel a little at sea so far.